Indoor Photo Shoot

It's been raining for the past two weeks in Orlando, FL. This has made it bit hard to schedule shoots, so I decided to get a little creative. I called a good friend of mine Taylor and scheduled to shoot with her. (Taylor by the way is an amazing model, check her out! IG: tayluhfignewt). I've made a behind the scenes video you can find on my Youtube channel here:

Although it was a dreary and cloudy afternoon I took advantage of the balanced light the clouds provided. I put Taylor in the only corner of my room that had a window by it. When shooting indoors it's important to shoot next to natural lighting as much as possible. By putting Taylor's back to the window I had the advantage of the light falling all around her. Which gave off the glowy bright look in the photos. 

The next shot looks like Taylor is sitting by a window and I'm shooting from the outside while it's raining right? Wrong! I took a large circular piece of glass and sprayed one side with water to make it look like Taylor was sitting at a window and it was raining. I saw this trick on a Youtube video called 6 Creative Photography Tricks You NEED To Try by Jessica Kobessi (SN: I LOVE her work!) Link:  The trick is called the "Rain Effect".

The third photo was taken on my patio space of my apartment. I made sure to position Taylor towards the light to make sure she was well lit. From there Taylor does what she does best, which is modeling! :)